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Syracuse, Italy
Syracuse is located on the eastern coast of Sicily, an hour south-east of Catania, and surrounded by some spectacular coastal scenery. It was founded around 730 BC by the Greeks from Corinth. Now there are about 125,000 people who live with in Syracuse. The sea around Syracuse is spectacular, and sparklingly clean. In summer, it gets packed out full of Italian family holiday-makers... and for good reason. The province of Syracuse is well known all over Italy for its historical, cultural and natural richness. Every thing you could want is offered in Syracuse, from mouth watering Sicilian meals to the small plaque of Virgin Mary who is said to have shed real human tears. In Syracuse, there is the big archaeological park, with both Greek and Roman Amphitheatres. The Greek Amphitheatre is in such good condition that musical and cultural performances are held here in summer. There are lemon orchards nearby that also fill the air - giving this archaeological park an air of Greek tragedy and history. The Roman Amphitheatre was carved partially out of stone and shows the remnants of a great time of prosperity. One last thing I would suggest would be to take a look at Diogenes' Ear which is a strange cave with eerie echoes that was once used for prisoners. If you want to learn more about Syracuse there's an Archaeological Museum which includes artefacts from the Bronze age to 5th century BC. For some churches there's the Cathedral which was built in the 7th century over a Temple of Athens from the 5th century. The Temple of Apollo was transformed in to a church and now is a mosque. There's also the Temple of Olympian Zeus which is just outside the city. There are many other churches and museums that you should check out. To fill up your stomach after a day of wandering these ruins and museums, try the Syracuse specialty, cavatieddi a type of pasta with pork sauce made from sausage and trout. For the rest, simply expect the great quality produce and ingredients that Sicily is known for. The old town in Syracuse, Ortigia, is on an island connected by a bridge and a fantastic area to wander around int he late afternoons. Here you’ll find sweet medieval streets and cobblestone alleyways; bars and restaurants all hidden around corners. There’s an old castle at the tip of the island, overlooking the great Mediterranean.

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