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Stockholm, Sweden
Stockholm, the capital of Sweden, is world-renouned for its natural beauty. Like Amsterdam, it is also known as the "Venice of the North", as the city is situated on 14 islands. The water is clean enough to swim in, even in the center of the city, though you'll probably enjoy it for a boat ride with live music or a shrimp buffet.

Stockholm is also famous for its parks, museums and restaurants. Though not a large city, with about 1.6 million inhabitants, the city possesses a rich cultural atmosphere. In Gamla Stan, or Old Town, most buildings date back five hundred years, with a unique historical character, housing a variety of cafés, restaurants, hotels and shops. This district is also home to the Royal Palace.

The city also has its modern side. In places, its an active metropolis, with glass and steel skyscrapers in abundance. But at the same time, you're never more than a short walk away from the quiet and charming side: the narrow medieval streets and waterside walkways.

Another popular site is the Vasa Museum, which houses the 17th-century Royal warship Vasa. Nearby Skansen is also an attraction, home to the world´s oldest and largest open-air folk museum and zoo of animals in Sweden. And for a little bit of excitement, you can also visit the nearby Gröna Lund amusement park.

Scandinavia is known for its properity and efficiency and Stockholm is no exception. The city is linked by a well-organized system of roads and railways, so getting around is no problem. The city also boasts one of the safest subway systems in the world. With air pollution at a minimum and city streets that are clean and safe, you have the peace of mind of being in comfortable place.

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