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Split, Croatia
The locals claim that Split is located at the centre of the world. It has a Mediterranean climate which consists of hot, dry summers with little snow winters. It is said to be one of the sunniest places in Europe and the Croatian tourist board reportedly guarantees it! Holiday makers come from over Europe to enjoy the long days, Mediterranean sea, and a sparkling clear blue water that you can see from space! Lounge out on the beautiful beaches along the coast, relax and enjoy that slow pace. The locals love their city and are convinced you will as well.

You should experience the open-aired markets where you should make sure to bargain the price down for fresh fruit and souvenirs to bring home. Make sure to walk along the stretch of green grass along the shore where you can sit in the cafes and restaurants looking out to sea. Also take at least a day to soak in the sun or rest upon the sandy beaches of Split. The Grgur Ninski status is said to grant your wish if you rub the toe of the statue - don’t pass by the chance to turn your luck!

There's a Cathedral by Diocletianvs and Sveti Duje (bell tower) and a number of museums such as the Mestrovic Gallery a contemporary gallery with a unique style. The famous statues by Mestrovic are found here. Shop on Marmontova street and make sure to walk around the old town and around the cities centre. For a day trip, try nearby Hvar and Brac Islands. There are also the smaller islands closer to the town, accessible by ferry as well.

In Croatia, the quality and price of seafood is amazing. Take your fill of the fruits of the Mediterranean, cooked simply and fresh out of the sea. If you want a bit more variety, the lamb here is also great. Shop at the markets for fresh fruit. A special dessert offered is banana with vanilla ice cream and black berries, which is an amazing delight. For a unique soft drink there's pipi.

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