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Rome, Italy
So many things to say about Rome! Eternal, Caput Mundi, Dolce Vita, a city of more than 1000 churches, with more fountains you'll ever see, the ONLY city with 2 capitals of countries in it (Italy and Vatican)...The city with the most beautiful and different "Piazzas" in the World. The city of the Roman Empire.

Need more info on this fabulous city?

*Eternal: Shes more than more then 2700 years old!

*Caput Mundi: Rome was after all, the capital of the world during the reign of the Roman Empire

*Dolce Vita: Enjoy Rome's many Cafea and restaurants on nice sunny days (most of the year, Rome can show you a blue sky and a nice big Sun). Wander the small narrow cobbled streets for some great shopping (Armani, Valentino, Prada, Gucci, Versace ... and lots more)

*More then 1000 Churches: from the big churches like San Pietro - San Giovanni - San Paolo - Santa Maria Maggiore - Santa Maria degli Angeli- Santa Maria In trastevere to the small like San Martino ai Moti - San pietro in Vincoli - Santa Maria in Cosmedin etc...

*The fountains, which really are a central piece of the Roman profile - Trevi, 4 Singers, Naidi, Tritone, Barcaccia, 4 Rivers etc....

*Rome is the only city where you can be in 2 different Capitals at the same time Rome for Italy in one side and the Vatican City in the other!!

*No other city in the world has as many beautiful Piazzas as Rome has to offer : Navona, Farnese, San Pietro, Del Popolo, Venezia, Repubblica etc...

*The Romans: they're more than a caricature! They're happy, funny and like to enjoy life...Love "Roma" and enjoy the "Lazio" region.

If you are in Rome in the summer you can easy get to the Ostia beach to enjoy a nice sunny day (only 30 minutes by metro).

For a nice bar/restaurat/club visit the Living Room

Anyway, when in Rome do as the Romans do...

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