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Quito, Ecuador
Quito has volcanic landscapes, dense rainforest, numerous types of animals and plants and beautiful scenery everywhere you go. You can go rafting, swimming, hiking on volcanoes, whale watching and exploring the city of Quito. The volcanoes stretch so high up that their tips are often covered with snow, making an interesting contrast to the lush greenery that rests below. Quito is said to be the most beautiful city in Ecuador. It is 116 miles away from the shore and just south of the equator making for wonderful weather year round. Quito has retained its colonial feeling with houses that were built in typical Spanish style, as well as European-influenced squares and fountains. There are many archaeological sites around the area.

For typical Ecuadorian food, try the Cafe Bar Pobre Diablo, La Boca del Lobo or Las Redes. These restaurants offer excellent local dishes. For a different taste try the Chalet Suisse, Biegarten, Tropi Burger, Ile de France and Chandari Tandoori. There are various international restaurants within the city so don't be afraid to walk around to find various types of excellent food.

Quito is known for music ranging anywhere from salsa to raves with pubs, karaoke bars, dance clubs and bars. Bars tend to close around 2 but most discos last till dawn. Calle Calama Street offers cafes, bars and restaurants. If you enjoy salsa dancing, Seseribo is a good place to dance your heart out to some good latino music. There is El Pobre Diablo, a jazz club if you don't enjoy the local sounds. La Bunga, Black Out, and NO! Bar are excellent choices for dancing the night away. La Bunga has many college kids and is mostly filled with locals. There is a pool table in the back but the main focus is the dance floor. Black Out is the best gay disco around for electronic and pop music. NO! Bar plays different types of music from techno to salsa. In this bar you can do pretty much anything, including dancing on the bar top.

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