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Prague, Czech Republic
Everybody has watched one of those thriller films with kind of a supernatural ambience. Imagine a place with esoteric symbols spread all the way through buildings, bridges and squares. A place where the alchemists used to live and work on the philosophy stone. We could be talking about Prague, the most well-conserved medieval capital city of Europe. Most of the city's architecture dates back to the late 12th Century. You may notice a cross over between Romanesque, Baroque and Gothic styles. Art nouveau is even well represented in Prague. In fact, the Czech artist Alfonse Mucha, the most imitated art nouveau artist of all time, has his works on exhibition in a museum dedicated to his artworks, in heart of the city!

Walking around the city center you can feel its mysterious atmosphere: gargoyles, zodiacal signs, masonry symbols… you can check it out walking through Charles Bridge, the Jewish Quarter, the old town square or the beautiful Malà Strana neighbourhood.

Visiting Prague's castle and its amazing gothic Saint Victor cathedral is not to be missed. If you can make it, climb the 140 steps of its main tower to appreciate the great view of the city and take some awesome photos! Prague's atmosphere and its history bring you back in time and involves you in the fantastic environment that has also charmed such introspective writers such as Kafka and Kundera. Many strange legends and stories are connected to Prague somehow: the supernatural Golem creature tale and the “insect-man” from Kafka's “Metamorphosis” are just some famous examples.

Other interesting sites are the Torture Museum, the medieval astronomic clock and the Baroque Cathedral, in the city center. At night don't miss trying absinthe (a typical liquor from the Bohemia region), just like Oscar Wilde and Baudelaire once did!! It will give the final touch to your trip!!

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