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Copenhagen, Denmark
If you have the chance don't miss visiting the charming Copenhagen during summer!! Well, in wintertime I'd say you'd better go somewhere else unless you want to feel like a penguin. This is because the spirit of the city flows through the canals that surround it. You will see entire neighbourhoods on boats. Yes, people live in boats there! If you catch a boat at Nyhavn you'll travel through all parts of the old city and see a bit of this amazing lifestyle.

The city of Hans Christian Anderson, the famous story-teller that wrote “The little Mermaid” (symbol of the city) has many nice places to see such as, the Tivoli Gardens , the most well-known attraction is a big entertainment complex featuring a stage, theater, restaurants, and live music.

At the Rococo-style Amalienbourg Palace, which houses the royals, you can admire the traditional change of guard. Don't miss the exotic Christiania , a neighboorhood known for its open-minded way of life, stage of political revolutionary thought during 60's. This area has been pedestrianised and soft drugs are tolerated.

There are also many nice sights in small cities close by which you can easily reach by train, even if you have to struggle with the schedule to understand the bunch of lines and directions written in Danish - unless you are Danish yourself!

The Kronborg Castle , a world heritage site, located in the small city of Helsingor is where Shakespeare got all his inspiration from to write " Hamlet ", prince of Denmark.

The Viking's museum in Roskilde , a city that used to be one of the biggest Viking settlements, has an open boat manufactuary which can be visited and it's also possible to make a tour along the bay on board a Viking boat!

Walking or sailing under the sun along the Oresund and its canals is a magical priviledge. The region with its numerous natural banks was the home of many mermaids according to the old Danish legend!

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