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Burgos, Spain
Ancient Burgos, located in the beautiful hills of Spain, was founded in the year 884. The city, which was the capital of the unified kingdom of Castilla-Leon for five centuries, boasts a masterpiece of Spanish Gothic architecture, and the usual culinary delights expected from the Spanish. It has a rich historical heritage that you can see walking down the streets filled with reminders from years long gone by. It's a quiet and clean city, with about 170,000 people. Burgos still has vestiges of its medieval splendour. Go see the various sights and walk through the parks, then try out the great Castilliano cuisine at the end of a long day.

I'd start out by walking through some churches such as the Cathedral of Santa Maria with impressive white limestone carved into a gothic style. In 1221 the construction of this church started when Ferdinand II laid the foundation stone, but the ongoing labour was only finished in the 16th century. Another historical classic is the Monsterio de las Huelgas, which was originally a residence of kings but then later became the burial place. Another burial place is the Cartuja de Miraflores which is situated on a hill a little east of Burgos. This gothic burial place is said to be the first to house gold brought back from the new world (America). Other things to see would be the Statue of El Cid and the Santa Maria Arch.

To try out the local cuisine, try specialties like the wood-fired oven lamb, pig, sausages, casseroles, crayfish, trout and fresh cheese - some of Burgos' most delicious dishes. For dessert there's the fresh cheese with honey and walnuts or yemas (a sweet made from egg yolks and sugar). Remember to try the excellent wines from the region as well.

Spaniards are known for their crazy nightlife, and in Burgos there's no exception to the rule. You'll find great live music and DJ sets that'll keep you dancing all night long. There's always something to do - whether you’re looking for a concert or a club. You'll be able to find something to keep you occupied just by following the crowds by the cathedral.

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