Beijing the city of Colours

Beijing the city of Colours
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Beijing the city of Colours

Beijing can never be described only in a short article. This write-up is only to give a glimpse about the city and some of its appealing features. It's really confusing where to start from, nevertheless I like to start from the Great wall and end at the National stadium (Birds nest) of 2008 summer Olympic.

The great wall isn't only in Beijing rather it's known as the The great wall of china. It leaves some of its parts through the Beijing. The energetic and nature lover tourists can experience more than 10 kilometres of hiking through the great wall in Beijing.

The spot comes second is the Forbidden city itself. In the heart of Beijing the huge complex named forbidden city was nothing but the imperial palace of Ming and Qing Dynasties. there are plenty of history and traditional Chinese architecture to discover while you roam the numerous buildings and alleys in this huge complex.

A chance is always there to visit the 798 art district for worshippers of fine arts. The most fascinating thing that I visited in Beijing is the National Grand Theatre. The outfit of the structure was designed in such an extensive way as if a spacecraft of aliens just landed here in the heart of the capital of china. I personally never recommend to miss the view of this. And a show of opera in the theatre can be extra value of joy for you. Specially the scenic beauty of dusk outside the theatre on the lake is one of the best scene of nature and artistic in this planet.

It is tremendously entertaining to ice skate at beautiful Houhai in the winter, -if nothing else to just sight the locals having a great time sliding around in their improvised ice-chairs and ice-bicycles.

Renting a boat and roaming around the famous but disappearing view of Houhai Lake can amuse you with a fillings of romanticism as in Venice of Italy.

The list as long as I definitely left so many things.

Last but not the least The famous Bird Nest National stadium of china where the tracks of 2008 summer Olympic was hosted has such a view that can make you speech less at least for a few minutes and restarts your voice only with a sound Wao.. When all the lights are on at night you may discover something really awesome.

Besides all these the diversity of Chines cuisines may add some extra value to meet the thirst of your inquisitiveness and gastronomy as well.

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